Through the Streets of Lisbon

Walking Tour

Shall we (re)discover Chiado ?


It's a two-hour walk through the historic area of Chiado, where I show you part of Portuguese history, culture and art, with some humorous notes along the way.


We start in Baixa, walk around eleven streets and end at Praça Luís de Camões.


Always on the third Saturday of each month or by appointment (minimum of 5 people).

"Chiado is a value that is now part of the history of Portugal"

Prof. José Hermano Saraiva

Come take the walking tour and discover Chiado

About me

I live and work in Lisbon as a Luxury Real Estate Advisor at The Agency. Lisbon is a city that inspires me and its history, traditions and evolution make me curious to know more. It is my purpose, in my day-to-day life, to spread this knowledge to all those who love Portugal.
Thus, I created the walking tour called "Portuguese Soul through the streets of Lisbon - Chiado": it is a portrait of this historic neighborhood of Lisbon through the 18th, 19th and beyond centuries. It is also a personal tribute, which I make and dedicate, to the city of Lisbon, and which I want to share with you.
It is an honor to be able to transmit the Portuguese Soul to Portuguese and foreigners and also to learn more from my visitors.


Through the Streets of Lisbon


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